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  • Yahoo! Pipes 😭

    .@lmorchard going old school with Yahoo! Pipes at #selfconf pic.twitter.com/A2hiiYCYUh — George Hotelling wants a carbon tax (@revgeorge) May 30, 2015 I just deleted a draft I wrote about Yahoo! Pipes closing because Reflections on the Closure of Yahoo Pipes says it all. looking back, it seems to me now that the whole mashup thing […]

  • inkling Markets 1 Week Later

    The inkling markets I started last week have been making progress. While I can’t speak authoritatively about why the participants are investing the way they are, I can always make some wild-assed-guesses. In the OpenID market, the biggest gainers are Wikipedia and Yahoo!. Wikipedia announced that they’re working on OpenID, which sounds like it’s a […]