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  • How to verify your WordPress site on Mastodon

    How to verify your WordPress site on Mastodon

    If you prefer this in video form, I’ve created a screencast that shows the steps to get verified on Mastodon: When you look at someone’s profile on Mastodon, you might see that they have a green check mark next to their links: That means Mastodon has confirmed that the link is controlled by the person […]

  • Get Your Blog Posts on Mastodon

    Get Your Blog Posts on Mastodon

    Update Nov 7, 2022: Donncha wrote a similar guide to integrating WordPress and Mastodon that caught a key thing that I missed. If you’re following the instructions below, you’ll also want to install the WebFinger plugin. I didn’t seem to have problems without it but the Mastodon docs are pretty clear that WebFinger is needed […]

  • Hugh Lashbrooke’s This Month in WordPress is a great way to get a high-level view of how WordPress is changing. Here’s August, 2018 as an example. I can’t always keep up with all the WordPress news, so his posts make sure I don’t miss anything.

  • Panoramas and

    Automattic, the company I work for, has released Jetpack 4.5. It includes the shortcode that my team mates worked on. The extent of my effort was modeling for some 360º shots so here is my contribution: panoramas! First we have my favorite panorama. It’s a little lower res – shot with Dermandar on an iPhone 4 – but […]

  • Notes from Metro Detroit WordPress Meetup, January 2017

    Last night I got downtown for the Metro Detroit WordPress Meetup. As an aside, there is a fun art installation downtown called LuminoCITY. I spotted it on my way in and recommend you check it out after dark. The meeting topic was Productivity Tools & Workflows, with 4 quick talks: 5 “Getting Started” Productivity Hacks: Anthony Montalbano Manage […]