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  • Why is Apache sending a “X-Pad” header?

    Apache sometimes sends an HTTP header “X-Pad: avoid browser bug” for reasons that aren’t entirely clear. There isn’t a lot of searchable information about this header, so my coworker Matt dug into the source code and found out what’s going on. The header was added to deal with a bug Netscape versions 2 through 4.0b2. […]

  • DRYer than thou

    At work we have a project (launching Monday, w00t!) that has a lot of cool things happening on the browser side. You know kids these days, what with their jQueries and Web 2.0s, they need whiz bang special effects in their websites. In my day, we only had one type of input field in our […]

  • Firefox 2’s great new feature with a horrible UI

    Firefox 2 (which is officially released today) has a great new bookmarking feature: Microsummaries. These are short bits of information in bookmarks’ titles that update from time to time. Imagine bookmarking an eBay auction and seeing the current price in your bookmarks bar, or bookmarking your webmail and seeing your unread messages count, or bookmarking […]

  • What infuriates me about Rails

    DHH, creator of Rails, drew attention to my least favorite aspect of the framework in his wrap-up of the recent Snakes and Rubies throw-down. To me, such an elaborate administration interface with login, permissions, and groups and what have you is out of scope for inclusion in the core framework. Show of hands, how many […]

  • PHP on Rails

    The funny thing about working with Ruby on Rails is that its made me a better PHP developer. A client wanted something developed and chose being able to support the app with their in-house PHP experience over Rails’ speed of development. I’m now using tools like DB_DataObject to emulate some of what I love about […]

  • Like pagecurl for web developers

    I’m learning Ruby on Rails for a personal project (hopefully announce early next month) and I’m a member of the cult now. One thing though, is they make certain AJAX effects really, really easy. For instance, to add Google Suggest-like auto-completion, it’s two lines of code. I think it’s great that Thomas Fuchs and the […]

  • Cool stuff I noticed about Google Maps

    If you haven’t been to Google Maps yet, Get yourself some better RSS feeds Go to http://maps.google.com/ Here are some cool things I’ve noticed about Google Maps. I think this is going to be one of those posts I update a lot in a day. The URLs are fairly clean. You can look up an […]