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  • Your “thread” should have been a blog post… Your tweet or your toot can also be a blog post. You don’t even need a title. (h/t Chris)

  • I keep thinking about these tweets from Derek Powazek: I’m not really watching Twitter these days, but haven’t gone so far as to delete my tweets. Since I mostly read (past tense) on Tweetbot and that’s going away, I have a bit more space between me and Twitter. Just in time too, because today is […]

  • 17,500 Anagrams

    Did you know that there are 17,500 anagrams for “George Hotelling”? If you are doing the math right now, you’ll probably come up with a different number because we are working off different word lists. For example, my word list includes “Google”. Did you know “Googler Eel Thing” is an anagram for “George Hotelling”? Now […]