SXSW Interactive 2007

I’m registered, have my plane tickets, and my conference schedule picked out. I’m going to SXSW Interactive!

I’ve wanted to go for years, but it was only recently that the planets aligned and it became feasible for me to make it to Austin. The first order of business is to let everyone know so that I can finally meet a bunch of the people I only know online.

I’ve also never been to a conference of this sort (I went to some Def Cons in the late 90’s, but I imagine this is a bit different) so I’m looking for advice. I have a couple friends who have offered me a floor to sleep on, so the fact that there are 0 hotel rooms available isn’t that disconcerting (although additional offers would be gladly welcomed so I don’t overstay my welcome). What panels should I make sure to attend? What should a first timer know?