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  • iOS Widgets for Home Assistant with Workflow

    One of the key principles of home automation is being able to control things quickly and easily. I don’t want to have to unlock my phone, open an app, wait for it to load, and then finally find the device I want to control. I like that SmartThings supports the Today screen widgets in iOS. They let […]

  • My Home Automation Rules

    In my last post about smart homes, I promised to outline what I have automated. A lot of home automation talk is about the gizmos and I don’t think enough is about the actual automation. These are actual automations; things a computer does to my house for me. Our front porch light turns on at sunset. It turns off […]

  • Smart Home Advice At The End of 2016

      My friend, a recent dad, asked me for some advice on what smart home stuff he should get. I figured I’d share my response with everyone. This is just an overview of the stuff I recommend for him, a savvy dev-turned-leader. He’ll be reading this, so if you have suggestions or alternatives, leave them in the […]

  • My Life With SmartThings (so far)

    I’ve been using SmartThings for home automation for about 6 months now and figured it’s worth getting some of my thoughts down. I’ll start in this post with what I’ve got set up: 5 GE Link LED bulbs in my family room. I actually needed to get an updated firmware for these to work, so […]