PHP on Rails

The funny thing about working with Ruby on Rails is that its made me a better PHP developer.

A client wanted something developed and chose being able to support the app with their in-house PHP experience over Rails’ speed of development. I’m now using tools like DB_DataObject to emulate some of what I love about ActiveRecord. I’m making each PHP file its own controller, and using Smarty for the V in MVC. If you look at my include directory it looks suspiciously like a Rails directory.

Yes, I know about Cake, but I only have so much time to invest in learning frameworks, and I still prefer Rails.

Like pagecurl for web developers

I’m learning Ruby on Rails for a personal project (hopefully announce early next month) and I’m a member of the cult now. One thing though, is they make certain AJAX effects really, really easy. For instance, to add Google Suggest-like auto-completion, it’s two lines of code.

I think it’s great that Thomas Fuchs and the RoR team could make it so easy to make interactive web apps, but at the same time I get the feeling that this will be the most over-used web cliché of 2006:
Autocomplete screengrab, which is a double tease since you can't see the image and you probably can't use autocomplete