Two WiFi pumpkin robots from friends: Ryan’s Pumpkin Pi shoots flames:
Les’s makes faces:
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Also the wifi pumpkin is gibbering away again

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What’s the stupidest/weirdest project you used a RPi for?

This thread on reddit has some really fun ideas for a Raspberry Pi. Some of my favorites:

The NoIR module is a camera for the Raspberry Pi with no infrared filter, which means you can use IR LEDs to light up a room without anyone seeing.


Photo credit: Multicherry (CC) BY-SA

Cyber roundup

The Cyber is big again. Huge. I think that Trump’s talk about The Cyber at this week’s debate got a bunch of people talking about cyberpunk. At least, that’s what it looked like in my feeds. I noticed a lot of posts about cyberpunk stuff which I’ve collected here:

Someone built an Ono Sendai Cyberspace 7 deck (the computer used by the protagonist in Neuromancer):



They replaced the keyboard on a Commodore 64 case and stuck a Raspberry Pi 3 in it, but the design is obviously the best thing about it.

Someone else is using the cyberpunk aesthetic for designing their computer space:

Cyberpunk VR Battlestation

And of course someone took the time to adapt the concept art from Cyberpunk 2077 for the Trump campaign:

Cyberdrumph 2016

I wonder if cyberpunk is going to have a kind of retro-futurism revival. It is a sad reminder of the unstoppable march of time to think that the thing that was futuristic in high school is now retro. Time to invest in trenchcoat and mirrored sunglasses.