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  • I’m convinced Apple is acutely aware that only nerds called Mac OS X “Mac OS Ten” and only nerds call the iPhone X “iPhone Ten.” The fact that I didn’t have to write “iPhone Ex” and you knew what I meant proves my point. I’m further convinced that they did the market research and found […]

  • What I haven’t heard about MWSF 06

    [Update 2005-01-12: Apparently Photocasting only works with .Mac and it’s hard to use iWeb with non-Apple hosting. So, if you were like me and thinking about buying an iLife 06 family pack don’t forget to add on an extra $180/year for a .Mac family pack, even if you already have a web host. And, like […]

  • OS X? Adium.

    On OS X? Using iChat? Time to switch to Adium. I tried Adium maybe a couple years ago and was underwhelmed, so when I started hearing people talk about it I figured that it wasn’t anything worth checking out. Eventually the buzz got to me and I downloaded it again. Guess what? In a couple […]

  • Quick tip: Terminal bookmarks

    You can save SSH, SFTP, Telnet and FTP servers for quick connecting in Apple’s Terminal program by choosing “Connect to server…” under the File menu, or just pressing Cmd-Shift-K. It even shows hosts found over Zeroconf. Unfortunately it doesn’t store usernames (and you should be using something like SSHKeychain instead of passwords).

  • Help ypsi~dixit!

    I was reading my local feeds folder and saw this call for help on ypsi~dixit’s blog: Here’s the deal. I have Mac OS X and a pile of documents on the desktop in .DOC format. What I need is a search engine with a preview box feature that will allow me to search for key […]