Another day, another Movable Type plugin. This one is kind of complex, so let’s start with the problem as outlined by Matt Haughey:

In spring of 2003, I started an experiment where I would trackback all the comments I left on other sites back to a special category here, so I could keep a public, running tally of offsite comments. It was a pain and as much as I tried to automate it with custom submit forms and javascript bookmarklets, it was a manual operation and I am busy/lazy enough where anything remotely manual gets dropped eventually.

He later suggests that RSD be used to collect these TrackBacks.

PostedElsewhere sends those TrackBacks automagically. It uses RSD to identify where to send a TrackBack when someone comments on your site. It’s up to you to set yourself up to receive the comment TrackBacks.

Download PostedElsewhere 0.1

Because it uses Movable Type 3’s callbacks, and because I haven’t upgraded yet, you can’t test it out here. However, I set up a blog with it installed at Leave a comment there if you want to test out your RSD file and TrackBack handler.

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Technorati announced their new tag search engine recently (more info on that), so I’ve written a Movable Type plugin that will take an entry’s Keywords field and turn them into Technorati tags. If you want to see it in action, look at the sidebar on the top right of this entry.

Download TechnoratiTags 0.3 (zip)

Update: If you have the PerlScript plugin already installed you can achieve the same effect with these instructions.

Update 2: If you’re looking for a more general purpose keyword plugin, check out MTKeywordList which loops over the keywords.

Update 2005-05-05: Jan Theofel created a PHP function for Movable Type 3’s dynamic publishing, which is now included. Thanks Jan!

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