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  • Ubuntu on Windows

    Windows 10 Anniversary Update came out last week. I haven’t heard very many folks¬†talking about ¬†one of the most interesting features I’ve seen from the New Microsoft: Linux. I think part of the reason people aren’t excited is because they don’t understand what this is: It’s not a virtual machine It’s not a container like […]

  • inkling Markets 1 Week Later

    The inkling markets I started last week have been making progress. While I can’t speak authoritatively about why the participants are investing the way they are, I can always make some wild-assed-guesses. In the OpenID market, the biggest gainers are Wikipedia and Yahoo!. Wikipedia announced that they’re working on OpenID, which sounds like it’s a […]

  • Open Questions for the Piracy Czar

    The US has created a position in our Department of Commerce called the Coordinator for International Intellectual Property Enforcement. In short, a Piracy Czar. From what I’ve read the person will be in charge of a war on piracy. On The Long Tail blog, Wired editor Chris Anderson writes I was chatting with a former […]