Apple’s DRM Announcement

Eliminate DRM!
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Apple announced that they’ll be offering DRM-free music in the iTunes Music Store! I don’t have much to add to the announcement, I’m just ecstatic that Apple is following up on Steve Job’s open letter. Beyond just offering DRM-free music, Apple even addressed Cory Doctorow’s lock-in argument by offering upgrades to existing downloads.

There were people who thought that the letter was a cynical attempt to avoid EU regulation by playing DRM off as a chain imposed by the record companies. I admit that I was leaning that way, it’s not the first time I was wrong about Apple and probably not the last. Like other doubters, I’m glad I was wrong.

I don’t really have much to add to the conversation, I’m just excited to download more music from iTunes in May (and this time I plan to keep it).

iTunes cover art iChat icon

I whipped up an AppleScript for iChatStatus to set your iChat icon to the album art for the currently playing song. It’s an amalgam of the default iTunes script for iChatStatus and a script that sets the iChat icon. I haven’t tested it too throughly, but it seems to be working for me.

In addition to iChatStatus, you’ll need GraphicsImporter OSAX installed, since that’s what the iChat icon script I assimilated used. Download iCS Album Art.scpt or copy and paste the code in this entry into Script Editor.

If you need help getting album art for your music, I’ve had a lot of success with Find Album Artwork With Google.

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