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  • Continuity Camera on macOS is Magic

    This is “it just works” territory stuff, in a way that hasn’t just worked in the past. Continuity Camera is a feature in macOS Whatevercodename2018 that lets you use your iPhone as a camera for your Mac. Preview uses this to let you quickly scan documents. When you open Preview and choose the “Import from […]

  • I’m convinced Apple is acutely aware that only nerds called Mac OS X “Mac OS Ten” and only nerds call the iPhone X “iPhone Ten.” The fact that I didn’t have to write “iPhone Ex” and you knew what I meant proves my point. I’m further convinced that they did the market research and found […]

  • Touch Disease

    Today I learned I suffer from┬áTouch Disease on my iPhone 6+. Symptoms include a touchscreen that doesn’t respond to your finger and a grey flickering bar at the top of the screen. I thought my iPhone was just being weird but now I’m learning it’s an epidemic. The popular theory is that the chip responsible […]