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  • Open Source Ambilight LEDs on a Raspberry Pi for $100

    Open Source Ambilight LEDs on a Raspberry Pi for $100

    I made this for about $100 with a Raspberry Pi and no soldering: I’ve always thought that Philips Ambilight TVs were cool. They do what you see in that video: shine the edge colors past the TV. But it was always a “nice to have,” so when I was buying my TV I prioritized other […]

  • iOS Widgets for Home Assistant with Workflow

    One of the key principles of home automation is being able to control things quickly and easily. I don’t want to have to unlock my phone, open an app, wait for it to load, and then finally find the device I want to control. I like that SmartThings supports the Today screen widgets in iOS. They let […]

  • Speaking at Self.conference 2017

    I will be speaking about home automation with Home Assistant at Self.conference in May! One of my goals this year is to do more public speaking, so I’m thrilled to get to be part of this event. There is a pretty amazing lineup of speakers so you should probably go ahead and register already. Here’s the write-up […]