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  • Google vs. Book Monopolists

    In an article on Google’s efforts to scan books USA Today highlights part of what’s wrong with the US copyright law: Richard Hull, executive director of the Text and Academic Authors Association, called Google’s approach backwards. Publishers shouldn’t have to bear the burden of record-keeping, agreed Sanfilippo, the Penn State press’s marketing and sales director. […]

  • Google Maps thoughts

    After the bajillionth Google Maps site it hit me: Google Maps is at its core a nifty UI widget for a common type of data. The OS doesn’t provide a widget for dealing with location data, and the web browser as a subset of OS widgets certainly doesn’t (hello combo box!). That’s like 10% of […]

  • Always on Google

    My girlfriend and I are sitting in a semi-darkened theater on Thursday night. The ticket says 9:45 PM, it was now that time and we had just finished watching 10 minutes of commercials. Instead of the movie, we get an in-depth ad for Ron Howard’s new movie and a great big view of Ron Howard. […]

  • Google Web Accelerator

    So Google Web Accelerator. Like I said in del.icio.us, proxy servers can be a huge pain for web developers, putting Google’s name on one is inviting a shitstorm. Putting the web development stuff off for a moment, let’s talk about why Google is providing this. First off, it’s helpful. There’s no market for tools that […]

  • Cool stuff I noticed about Google Maps

    If you haven’t been to Google Maps yet, Get yourself some better RSS feeds Go to http://maps.google.com/ Here are some cool things I’ve noticed about Google Maps. I think this is going to be one of those posts I update a lot in a day. The URLs are fairly clean. You can look up an […]

  • Google’s comment spam problem

    Comment spam is a problem, but it’s not my problem. I get hit with comment spam, sure, but I’m only to blame in the sense that I have a weblog. The comment spammers are to blame, but they’re not alone in culpability. The one character missing is the one people are first to defend and […]