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  • this-is-fine.eml


    This is a legitimate email from a Legitimate Financial Institution that I was expecting, but I don’t know what I could change it to make it look more like a phishing scam. We’ve spent the last 20 years teaching people not to open email attachments but I guess Raytheon’s Cybersecurity company didn’t hear about that?…

  • It begins

    If you signed up for Card Against Humanity Saves America (before they became a potato chip company) check your mailbox… (If you want to get your junk mail emailed to you too, check out USPS's Informed Delivery)

  • Secure Email Meme

    Oh boy, a chain blog entry! Dave Walker called me out to talk about securing email; who am I to refuse? You should secure your email. Am I done? OK, so that’s not the best supported argument. If everyone secured their email there would be virtually no spam, but any system that doesn’t show benefits…

  • Give to CitizenSpeak (and me!)

    CitizenSpeak is a site that allows people to create email campaigns targeted at change, like the ultra-successful EFF campaign to stop the Broadcast Flag (that the EFF runs, not CitizenSpeak). It’s a tool that anyone can use, and activists at any level can use it to focus their community’s voice. And it’s free. If you…