Grokster along party lines?

p2ppolitics.jpg If you watch the EFF’s Fred von Lohman in his debate on C-Span (via BoingBoing) you’ll notice that C-Span inserts three phone numbers: one for Democratic supporters, one for President Bush’s supporters and one for “others.”

Am I idealistic in thinking that Grokster goes across partisan lines? Caricaturing the sides quite a bit, Republicans don’t want liberal Hollywood controlling what kinds of businesses they can start and Democrats don’t want conservative corporations controlling their computers. I don’t recall President Bush ever taking a position on P2P, and I suspect that if Betamax was overturned he’d be upset if his iPod was outlawed.

If I want Big Copyright to file fewer frivolous lawsuits, if I want to use P2P to share music, if I love Larry Lessig, am I a Democrat or Republican?

Ted Olson, who represents Big Copyright in the debate, was Solicitor General for the Bush Administration. Does that mean that President Bush’s side in Grokster consists of “Hollywood-loving left-wing freak shows?”

(Also, about 20 minutes in the RIAA and MPAA’s lawyer tries to pull a Felton but von Lohman calls him on it. w00t)