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  • Video of the 2018 Harold Hotelling Lecture

    Video of the 2018 Harold Hotelling Lecture

    Lawrence Tech’s 2018 Harold Hotelling Memorial Lecture is up on YouTube: Dad was on board with school choice, and it turns out that he and Dr. Harris discussed this when Dr. Harris was dad’s student. I enjoyed the nuance that Dr. Harris brought to the topic as well – something deeper than “markets are good” […]

  • 2018 Harold Hotelling Memorial Lecture

    The 2018 Harold Hotelling Memorial Lecture is coming up on October 15th. This year is the first time one of dad’s former students will be giving the lecture. Douglas Harris will be giving a lecture titled “Charter School City: What Detroit Can Learn From New Orleans”: The changes in New Orleans schools after Hurricane Katrina represent […]

  • Jessica Rosenworcel on Net Neutrality

    A friend of mine gave me the heads up  that FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel was giving a policy interview about net neutrality yesterday. Sometimes things just drop in my lap like that. Rosenworcel dissented with the FCC’s rollback of net neutrality protections: The FCC is on the wrong side of history, the wrong side of […]

  • Slashdot Comment Spam

    On Slashdot (which I am likely dumber for reading) comment spam takes a slightly different form. Instead of earning PageRank, commenters earn karma. The end result is that instead of creating links to sites in order to screw with search engines, the spammers try to post good comments with the least amount of effort. Take […]