I’ve got a followup to my earlier post about My girlfriend submitted a complaint to Michigan’s Attorney General’s office on their website describing her experience. They then contacted, who decided not only to finally ship her bag but they also gave it to her for free!

It was certainly a good resolution on their part, but I think she would have rather just gotten the bag at the listed price when she bought it without having 4 months of uncertainty. It’s a shame that she couldn’t resolve this with’s support and was forced to contact the AG. sucking

[Update 2005-10-12: Resolved!]

Here’s something you weren’t expecting on my blog (aside from two updates in as many days): go check out this purse on OK, you don’t have to, but is giving my girlfriend way too much shit over that purse.

In June, she ordered that bag for $27.60 including S&H, which is a good deal for a bag that lists for $69. In fact, if you look on Froogle you can’t find it for less than $50. The only problem is that is refusing to give her the purse she bought ordered! (her credit card hasn’t been charged, or she could get their help with this)

If you look at the page for the bag you can see a couple things. They’re not selling it for $27.60: they’ve jacked up the price to $53.90. Also, the page says it “usually ships in 3-5 days”. It’s been 69 days.

She’s called their customer service department repeatedly, only to be told that it would ship within 3-5 days each time (refer to her blog post for details).

(As an aside, hides their phone number, so here it is: 1-877-780-2464.’s phone number is 1-877-780-2464. I hope this helps someone searching for it, and that they have better luck with than Jenny.)

My take? fucked up, listed the bag for a price too low and is trying to get her to cancel her order by delaying shipment and not talking to her. Yeah, I’m biased, but there’s certainly plenty of other people with problems (only a quarter of their customers would buy from them again). I don’t think she’s canceling the order in hopes that sells it to her at a loss, which costs them money.

We’re not going to be ordering anything from and, judging from the experiences of other people who had problems, this problem is endemic to the company.