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  • Let me tell you about my solar panels

    Let me tell you about my solar panels

    Just in time for the shortest day of the year (in the northern hemisphere), my solar panels are live! First off, solar panels make financial sense right now. I would see solar panels on people’s houses and wonder how much more people are spending just to lower their “carbon footprint” (a term made up by […]

  • Driverless Bus Prototype Coming to Ann Arbor

    This is cool, a prototype autonomous bus is coming to Ann Arbor in the fall. The service will use two fully automated, 15-passenger, all-electric shuttles manufactured by French firm NAVYA to transport students, faculty and staff on a nonstop two-mile route between the Lurie Engineering Center and the university’s North Campus Research Complex on Plymouth […]

  • Coworking at Workantile

    Coworking at Workantile

    One of the challenges of distributed work is isolation. Our third places are already disappearing, losing the office as a second place can be tough. So, about once a week, I drive over half an hour to Workantile, a coworking space in Ann Arbor. It started with the Ann Arbor Software Co-Workers. I attended a few […]

  • Ann Arbor Blogger meetup

    If you’re in or around Ann Arbor, MI you should clear your calendar next Tuesday (Jan 10, 2006) so you can make it to the Ann Arbor blogger meetup at Leopold Bros.. You might also notice that event is part of the Ann Arbor Bloggers group on Upcoming, which will be the place to find […]

  • Looking to upgrade ArborBlogs

    ArborBlogs is starting to get a little long in the tooth, and I’m not too happy with the Drupal aggregator codebase. The ability for people to post to the site was under-utilized, to say the least, so I’m looking for a pure-aggregator to replace it. Some of the things I’m looking for are: Support for […]