Give to CitizenSpeak (and me!)

CitizenSpeak is a site that allows people to create email campaigns targeted at change, like the ultra-successful EFF campaign to stop the Broadcast Flag (that the EFF runs, not CitizenSpeak). It’s a tool that anyone can use, and activists at any level can use it to focus their community’s voice. And it’s free.

If you went to the CitizenSpeak site you might notice it sucks a little. There are frames and popups and non-obvious permalinks. I say that because I’m actually working on changing that.

I’m rebuilding the CitizenSpeak site with the main functionality going into a CivicSpace module, which we’ll be releasing under an open source license. That means that sites running CivicSpace (and Drupal) will be able to host their own campaigns, customized to the needs of the site. And yeah, the CitizenSpeak/CivicSpace thing does get confusing sometimes.

But here’s the thing: I need to make (some) money on this. You see, I’m a contractor now and need to occasionally feed and clothe myself. CitizenSpeak is looking for people who want the module to help them fund me. You can make a tax deductible donation to help pay for the development work. You can also see the development plans at the CitizenSpeak development wiki, and when I’m ready for input from people I’ll post the link to my development there too.