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  • Talking Nicely With Others Makes You Smarter

    Talking Nicely With Others Makes You Smarter Talking with other people in a friendly way can make it easier to solve common problems, a new University of Michigan study shows. But conversations that are competitive in tone, rather than cooperative, have no cognitive benefits.

  • December 2010 Blizzard Timelapse (by Michael Black) (Source:

  • Comparison of Online Movie Companies:

    Want to watch the original Tron? Netflix Streaming: Not Available Amazon Video on Demand: Not Available iTunes Movies: Not Available Hulu: Not Available The Pirate Bay: 4 versions available including the 20th Anniversary Edition DVD with 5.1 audio and 5 hours of bonus materials I have the 20th Anniversary DVD so this is just an […]

  • Hand Model Crazy Competition:

    Exhibit A: Kimbra Hickey So Hickey now stops anyone she sees reading the book to inform them of her contribution. “I see people reading it on the subway, and I say, ‘Those are my hands! I’m a hand model!’ ” she explained. “I’m sure they think I’m crazy – a crazy lady on the subway.” […]

  • Dr. Mrs. The Monarch (née Doctor Girlfriend) and The Monarch singing The Pogues’ Fairytale of New York.

  • The Real Reason for the Season (Source:

  • Kinder Surprise (Source:

  • joshmeatdicks: my brother’s instructions for the online pizza hut order were “draw a giraffe on the box” they did it

  • Real Life FPS (Source: