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  • Snow Skating In Detroit: Filmed At 300 frames Per Second (via Steve Cherry) (Source:

  • Signs of Earliest Winemaking Operation Found in Armenian Cave

    Signs of Earliest Winemaking Operation Found in Armenian Cave Scientists have reported finding the oldest known winemaking operation, about 6,100 years old, complete with a vat for fermenting, a press, storage jars, a clay bowl and a drinking cup made from an animal horn. Grape seeds, dried pressed grapes, stems, shriveled grapevines and residue were […]

  • NASA – The Frontier Is Everywhere

    NASA – The Frontier Is Everywhere (via damewse) Carl MF Sagan. (Source:

  • 1% rule (Internet culture)

    1% rule (Internet culture) bestofwikipedia: In Internet culture, the 1% rule or the 90-9-1 principle (sometimes also presented as 89:10:1 ratio) reflects a theory that more people will lurk in a virtual community than will participate. This term is often used to refer to participation inequality in the context of the Internet. (via sleevia) Anyone […]

  • Side Scrolling in Real Life (via RoosterTeeth) What would it be like to actually be Mario? To have to survive in a world of obstacles when you can only see 10 feet in front of you? (Source:

  • bookshelves of doom: Doctor Seuss. (vie Anne)

  • Heinz Automato 4 (via wonderbarry) (Source:

  • Americans Are Horribly Misinformed About Who Has Money (via Anne)

  • locapour

    locapour locapour n. A person who drinks only locally produced wine or beer. [Blend of local and pour.]

  • Fat Elvis, the peanut butter/banana porter that I brewed at Liberty Street got a shout out in Brew Bubbas’ 100th podcast episode from Joe Walters, the head brewer at Liberty Street! I think another batch may be in order.