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  • Qcast

    I mentioned the Qcast Tuner in my last update, but feel the need to expound on it. A while ago asked me about if he should buy it or not. I told him it wasn’t ready for prime-time, and I’ll explain why. It doesn’t “just work.” I’m not talking about network configuration, or server configuration […]

  • Livejournal Cliche

    So last night they preempted Buffy, which pissed me off because the only time I really watch most shows is when they are just starting up or just ending. The series is ending in 2 weeks, so I really want to know what’s going on. It pissed me off even more that they didn’t even […]

  • Holy Poo!

    I was watching X-Play (fast forward on the Tivo makes it watchable) and at the end they showed a preview for Onimusha 3. I played through the first one, and it was pretty fun; worth $20. The next installment is taking place in modern day Paris of all places, with Jean Reno as Samanosuke’s gunweilding […]

  • Romeo Rocks

    I gave a speech on Smarty at my local PHP users group last week. I was using Powerpoint for OS X on my laptop, hooked up to a projector I borrowed from work so that everyone could see the slide. To advance the slides, I was using my cell phone and a program called Romeo. […]