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  • Google Web Accelerator

    So Google Web Accelerator. Like I said in, proxy servers can be a huge pain for web developers, putting Google’s name on one is inviting a shitstorm. Putting the web development stuff off for a moment, let’s talk about why Google is providing this. First off, it’s helpful. There’s no market for tools that […]

  • My friend Flickr

    My Necktie — 15/9/2004 Originally uploaded by bjohnson. Last night at the Ann Arbor is Overrated meetup I was evangelizing Flickr and telling people about my favorite Flickr user: bjohnson. He posts a picture of his current necktie virtually every day. There’s something obsessively great about it and when he wears a bow tie it’s […]

  • Sitcom Pitch Game 2…

    It’s time for the Sitcom Pitch Game 2 – This Time It’s Not The Sitcom Pitch Game 1. The rules are the same – I give you a sitcom title and your end of this Faustian deal is to give me a plot synopsis for the game. First, the winner of the last game is […]

  • Sitcom Pitch Game!

    Today’s sitcom title is: High Voltage OK, it’s time to play the Sitcom Pitch Game! If you don’t know how it’s played, I come up with a sitcom title, and you give me a synopsis of the show. Bonus points are awarded for casting the show, coming up with a catch phrase and putting it […]

  • TV Reminder

    The Smoking Gun TV is on tonight at 8:00pm Eastern, so set your Tivo. It’s hosted by the Daily Show’s Mo Rocca who seems like a perfect fit for the show. The website has been quietly paid for by CourtTV for a while, so it’s not a huge surprise that this is on CourtTV. I’m […]

  • CD Swap Meetup

    There is a CD Swap Meetup that is going on. I would go, because I have a lot of CDs to get rid of, but I can’t look someone in the eye while handing them my one of my many regrettable teenage used CDs. I’m so embarrassed by my ex-CDs-to-be that I can’t sell them […]

  • Pics from Korea are up

    I finally posted the pictures from my trip to South Korea for my brother’s wedding. Take a look and see if you can find my obscene tatoo.

  • South Korea, part 2 of 2 (finally)

    OK, so here’s the other part of my Korean trip. First off, let me cover some of the crap I had to gloss over last update due to time constraints. You can see QTVRs of the Seoul Tower and the Emperor’s Palace but they don’t approach the experience of seeing it firsthand (no surprise there). […]

  • Live and Direct

    It’s 6:17PM localtime, which means it’s 5:17AM EST on Friday. Good morning. I left for South Korea on wednesday to go to my older brother Harold’s wedding to his fiance Soyoung who’s family is Korean. Our flight was scheduled to leave DTW at 3:30pm and made a pretty good effort at keeping that. 12 hours […]

  • Matrix Reloaded Reloaded (spoilers)

    Some links that you may have missed: The Matrix Brickphone points us to one of the billion marketing tie-ins to the new movie. The first movie made that Nokia 8110 (more proof) a hot item and Samsung is trying to cash in. Unfortunately it’s butt ugly and $500, but a little part of me still […]