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  • Meat will make you happy (click for more)

  • 2008 Goose Island Bourbon County Stout (Taken with instagram)

  • To clink glasses of a freshly made, seasonal beer, preferably in a pub or garden, with friends and perhaps new acquaintances, is a ritual that makes every participant feel good. We may not rationalize this at the time, but it gives us a sense of place in our common community and our time in the […]

  • Hudson’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 1931 (via @adamkempa) (Source:

  • Black and Tan (via /r/beer)

  • Homem-morcego Redentor

  • Nicolas Cage Losing His Shit (Source:

  • [via negatendo’s usually NSFW amimooted gifs on delicious]

  • Quick thought on web service mashups

    The Simplicity of the Semantic Web Originally uploaded by kinetisonic. Web developers are taking a cue from the Grey Album and mashups have become increasingly in vogue. The one that triggered this post was AudioFlickrscrobbler which finds photos related to the music you’re listening to; but web service mashups seem to be everywhere these days. […]