Category: Powers That Be

  • StealthSurfer

    I just was reading up on Stealth Surfer (via Engadget) and it looks like a pretty cool device, but it still has a ways to go. It’s a USB device that aims to protect your privacy by not leaving browser trails on your computer. As you can see from the picture to the left, it…

  • TidyText 0.4

    The TidyText plugin for Moveable Type has been updated, in no small part due to L. M. Orchard.

  • Why isn’t Election Day a national holiday?

    Wherein I spread an idea whose time has come, that Election Day should be a national holiday.

  • The (poor) state of copyright activism

    While groups like the EFF are doing a good job of fighting for our rights, it doesn’t feel like they’re doing a good job of organizing us to fight for ourselves.

  • Stupid Liberals

    I was reading Why Republicans Should Love Larry Lessig in the Wall Street Journal Review and it got me thinking. I can’t stand the way liberals jump on every chance to bash Lawrence Lessig and the Creative Commons. They just love the idea that all of the work that the People produce will be tied…

  • Potential .us domain names: – could be a religious-themed – David‘s suggestion – a site where people beg for sex or a fan site for Miss Ivannah from Mallrats What else?

  • Needlestack

    The Dallas Observer carries a story about Michael Bills, who was working for the TSA. He was fired after a year working there because they just found out that he had a marijuana arrest and was a child molester. So what’s the big deal? Well the way they found out about his pot past (after…

  • Democratic Caucus

    Like 46,000 other people in Michigan, I voted in the Democratic Caucus online. Or did I? According to Wired News, the Internet voting system used was similar to the one ditched by the Pentagon for being insecure. So how do we audit the Internet vote? Let’s say hypothetically that there was found to be some…

  • Linkdump: 2004-02-07

    Jeffrey Veen: Publishing Links With PerlIt’s what I’m using on 90% Crud MacBand.commp3s from GarageBand toting musicians The Ministry of Truth discusses WMDs1.9 MB mp3 Avert Your Eyes!High-definition porn has arrived. That’s bad news for HDTV. In These Times | State of the Asylum“Only a nut would run for president. As far as that goes,…

  • The Creativity Machine

    There’s an amazing article about a neural network on By introducing noise into neural networks, Imagination Engines, Inc has been able to get their neural networks to invent new things. For example, the networks (called the Creativity Machine) have designed substances harder than diamonds and the Oral-B CrossAction toothbrush. From the article: “His first…