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  • Reminder: Election Night Drink Specials

    Remember, after you vote you can find cheap drinks at Election Night Drink Specials. More info on this post.

  • Health care doesn’t

    A friend of mine just informed me that Blue Cross only covers rehab courses if it is an emergency. They define an emergency as showing up to rehab intoxicated, meaning that if you want to send your drunk friend to the clinic you have to buy them a few rounds before dropping them off. I […]

  • After the election

    If I could ask the two presidential candidates one question it would be this: If you are elected president how will you go about uniting America after this incredibly divisive election? [Update: Question 19 of the third presidential candidate debate covered this. Kerry said that he would work with both parties, much like Bush said […]

  • Hate Fatigue

    In yet another example of life-imitates-Onion, a conservative commentator writes that liberals are suffering from what he calls "hate fatigue." You know, just like "outrage fatigue" from the Onion.

  • Actually…

    Well, actually, he forgot Poland. (Thanks to Ben, Ian, and Dog)

  • E-voting Scandal

    There’s a storm brewing. There’s a new way for people to make their voices heard, but problems with the technology and malicious, computer savvy crackers are causing some serious doubts about the results. Many people think that the new electronic vote counters are too flawed to be trusted, especially after the how close the last […]

  • On All Things Considered today

    On All Things Considered today Cheryl Corley interviewed Rep. Phil Gingrey of Georgia about the prisoner abuse crimes. This is an excerpt from the clip at 3:24 – Corley: Your Republican colleague from Oklahoma Tom Cole called this abuse scandal a psychological Pearl Harbor in the Arab world. Do you agree with that at all? […]

  • Voter Discouragement Coming From Campaigns?

    Wired has a piece today called Blogs Counter Political Plottings that talks about how social software like weblogs and social networking sites are increasing voter turnout. What caught my eye was this admission from Markos Moulitsas Zúniga:”In a traditional campaign, ‘you strip out all of the people you can’t control — to keep as many […]

  • HOWTO: How and Why You Would Want To Get Ogg Vorbis on iTunes

    Wherein I explain how to get Ogg Vorbis in iTunes, what the hell that means and why the hell you would do such a damn fool thing.

  • The Decalogue and Polytheism

    In the King James Bible, Exodus 20:3 reads Thou shalt have no other gods before me. If you’re Christian this is part of the first comandmant of the Decalogue, for Jews (note the Jooglebomb) this is part of the second statement of the Decalogue. The only way I can read this is that there certainly […]