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  • Emergency Fun

    …d. Sorry, that title is supposed to be “Emergency Fund”. Now that I reread that headline, it is a little misleading. In addition to the advice in my last post, here’s something think about: 63% of Americans Can’t Afford $500 Car Repair or $1,000 Emergency Room Visit. I used to think that paying off debt was […]

  • What To Do With Money by /r/PersonalFinance

    I love this guide on what to do with money from /r/PersonalFinance. Money is complicated so it’s nice that they lay out each step in order. Top priority is to have an emergency fund, then getting 401k match, and so on. They have flowcharts too for the more visually inclined too. Here’s the simple version: (there’s a […]

  • Hopefully this will end Ron Paul Diggspam

    Ron Paul doesn’t believe in evolution: I think its a theory, theory of evolution, and I don’t accept it. How will Diggers and Redditers reconcile their love of Ron Paul with their hate for creationists? (via)

  • Best Xmas Present

    She said yes! We’re getting married! I love you Jenny!

  • “But Government Isn’t a Game”

    Press Gaggle by Tony Fratto: Q It’s been reported that in some of these meetings the President doesn’t want people to talk about the prospect of planning in the event that the Democrats take over Congress. Is that correct? MR. FRATTO: I think the President has been very clear that he’s preparing for a Congress […]

  • CitizenSpeak featured in new book

    It turns out that CitizenSpeak is really making the rounds right now. The latest news is that it’s included in a new book: Momentum: Igniting Social Change in the Connected Age by Allison Fine. The book includes a description of how a Philadelphia organization used CitizenSpeak and other online organizing tools to rally their community […]

  • Where’s the outrage?

    What If They Gave a War…? So why aren’t the streets clogged with angry Americans demanding to know why their president lied and deceived them so he could attack a country that had absolutely nothing to do with his so-called war on terror? … Why aren’t we marching to demand an end to the illegal […]

  • Comcast Privacy

    Did you hear the one about the lawsuit over Big Copyright wanting personal information from an ISP? No, it’s not RIAA v. Verizon; a woman is suing Comcast because they shared her personal information with the RIAA, and they did so without even waiting for a court order. In the short term you can prevent […]

  • More post-election musings (no grousing)

    Just a reminder that election day should be a national holiday. I think that a higher voter turnout benefits the entire country, and hopefully it is no longer a partisan issue. Please contact your Senators and tell them that you are in support of S.726, especially if you are from Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts or Michigan […]

  • Michigan’s Prop 2

    (inspired in part by a post by beninem that you can’t see because I’m cooler than you) Proposal 2 in Michigan, which not only added a same-sex marriage ban to the the state constitution but also will probably remove same-sex partner benefits (like health care for partners) for many people in the state, passed 60% […]