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  • I saw this sign at Ikea last night. You have 90 days (45 días) to return unopened merchandise. I assume that they just forgot to update the Spanish translation to 90 days when they updated the English.

  • Made in the USA… sorta…

    While I’m being pedantic, this was on the back of a package for fuzzy dice that a cow orker received: If you can’t read my picture, I don’t blame you. It says “Sterling, AN AMERICAN COMPANY” and “Package and Product Designed in the U.S.A. MADE IN CHINA.” Although not in the picture, below the recycle […]

  • Friendster Photos

    This guide to Friendster photos could easily apply to LiveJournal as well. Is that enough text to keep me from needing a sideblog? (via NTK)

  • IRV in Ferndale

    Ferndale, MI residents are trying to get instant runoff voting going for their city (via mousemusings). Instant runoff voting (IRV) is a system where you rank candidates instead of selecting only one. There are several benefits to it, but the most important one is that it is the biggest threat to the two party system. […]

  • iStashe!

    Make a bad picture worse with iStashe. Supports over 10 stashes, and appears to be Y2k compliant. (via Bri)

  • Frank Black on iTunes

    When I sold my iTunes song, one of the criticisms I received was that people who didn’t want to get stuck with Apple’s DRM and licensing agreements could just purchase their music in CD form. Frank Black is releasing 4 new tracks as iTunes exclusives (via MacSlash). So how do you get these tracks in […]

  • Farming in Detroit?

    Apparently people are using land in Detroit to farm and grow food (via Fark). I think this is a great use of land in the city, and since there are cattle drives anyway, why not go for it? Detroit is the only city in America that has had it’s population drop from > 1 million […]

  • War on Terror™ now under reported?

    So, uh, did you know about The US Terrorism Plot That the Media Ignores” href=””>the white supremacist terrorists in Texas? I like to think that I read enough RSS feeds to keep on top of things, but this is news to me. If it was just WorldNetDaily reporting it, I wouldn’t believe it. They’re the […]

  • PS2 Broken Beaten Down?

    Is your Playstation 2 having problems reading discs? Well apparently there was a class action lawsuit about PS2s sucking and now Sony will fix them for free. You just need to know the magic words, which are at (via Dave) GameFAQs doesn’t like people linking to their content (which is why they put it […]

  • MT Security Hole

    If you’re running Moveable Type please read up on how spammers are abusing mt-send-entry.cgi. The easiest way to fix this is to change the permissions to 000, which will disable the script. Or you can just delete it. It’s only used if you set up "mail this entry". You can test whether your change worked […]