Category: Metablogging

  • New Design

    If you are reading the RSS feed or using a cached stylesheet, come by the site and shift-refresh. The building is Dr. Chase’s Steam Printing House, which was at the NW corner of Main and Miller in Ann Arbor in 1870. I got the picture from the Ann Arbor District Library’s Making of Ann Arbor […]

  • The (poor) state of copyright activism

    While groups like the EFF are doing a good job of fighting for our rights, it doesn’t feel like they’re doing a good job of organizing us to fight for ourselves.

  • mehack and RSS advertising

    mehack is a blog about taking what you’ve got and pushing it further. Recent posts include installing Linux on your mp3 player, extracting the drive from your mp3 player and free car diagnostic software (which probably doesn’t play mp3s). So it’s kind of fitting that they’ve hacked advertising into their RSS feed. One of the […]

  • PhotoBlogging

    Upset at Textamerica for 0wning your pictures and spamming you reserving the right to spam you? Buzznet looks like a pretty good alternative, and they support Creative Commons. Personally, I’m using Airblogging to post pictures to my LiveJournal although it supports Moveable Type, TypePad, and Blogger too.

  • Check out the Wax

    Be sure to check out Wax Elastic, which now looks better than my site. Not that that’s saying much…

  • David, Susana and Linkdumps

    No one else seems to be noticing, so I want to make sure that everyone reading this visits two new weblogs. The first is Wax Elastic by my friend and cow orker David Weinstock. Lots of links and clever writing, I’m looking forward to watching this grow. The second is SuperSusy by David’s wife Susana, […]

  • What I learned from other bloggers

    From Stephen: Your weblog represents you, make it look good. (still on the todo list) From AAIO, Murph, Rob, Steven and all the ArborBlogs: You have to live somewhere, write about it. From Warren: Put a picture in your post whenever you can. From Cory, Xeni, et all: Use the <ins> and <del> tags liberally. […]

  • Comment spammers

    If you’re wondering what the weblog comment spammer plan of attack is, they are discussing it out in the open. The best part is that when one spammer accuses another of being too ethical, the other gets defensive: >You’re becoming too ethical and >that is stopping you from doing better than you can. You assume […]

  • A look back at 2003

    I’ve only been keeping this site for about 5 months (with some older LiveJournal entries thrown in for good measure) but rather than write something new I’ll just list some of the memorable posts from 2003. It’s like photoblogging – easier than actually coming up with something new to say. Underappreciated XHTML Tags Gubernatorial Prognostication […]

  • Bloglines

    I’ve been playing with Bloglines today and have formed an opinion. It is a good concept with a solid UI that is ultimately buggy. I know that Jenny has spoken highly of it, but I’m going to have to give it the thumbs down. Bloglines is an RSS aggregator, which is to the web browser […]