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  • A better explanation of waxyvia

    When I first wrote about the Waxy Links Via Metaaggregator (AKA waxyvia) it hard to describe what I was trying to accomplish. Last week I argued the value of weblogs with a friend and some of my thoughts apply to waxyvia. I’m going to try to explain myself again with a new post instead of […]

  • I want new link icons

    I’ve got link icons using CSS that tell when I’m linking to the iTunes Music Store, and I seem to remember a plugin for Firefox or Safari that did the same thing for linking to PDFs, JPEGs, MP3s, etc. [Update: Found it, thanks to Scott] It’s more or less doable to have icons identify what […]

  • The Cult-of-Waxy continues

    [Update: I wrote more about all of this] Following up on my RSS to Fortune script I created the Waxy Links Via Metaaggregator. Basically, Matt King created ‘Via’ Links Aggregator, which tracks what sites Andy gets his links from for his linkblog. I thought it was an interesting idea (and I was annoyed with […]

  • Bloglines confessional

    Bloglines user revgeorge has sent this item to you, with the following personal message: I think I’m abusing Bloglines, specifically the “Email This” link below every post. I’m not sure if I can stop, either. It started out as innocent as any addiction; I saw a story that I thought a friend would like and […]

  • Missing the point of comments

    mathowie wrote up a bit on this post about a show called Overhaulin’. What’s remarkable is that the people leaving comments think that they are sending a message to the people from the TV show. hi my name is mary langford,my husband and son have been fixing up this 87 bmw for 3yrs. i would […]

  • New TidyText Pricing

    I’m pleased to announce a great new pricing structure for TidyText! While it was free and I am able to support myself through related business activities, I feel that everyone would benefit from me adding surprisingly expensive, restrictive and arbitrary restrictions – especially my prime demographic of poor students (see, I need to make more […]

  • Kinder, Happier Real Player

    This release represents a much friendlier direction for us – Kevin Foreman GM, Helix RealNetworks, Inc., announcing Real Player 10. Yeah, the free player is a lot easier to find now:

  • Mission Accomplished

    I haven’t really posted much on the war in Iraq, but there’s been so much going on that I really need to put some of my thoughts up. First off, I’m a progressive liberal. I don’t like the current administration’s attempts to turn America into a theocracy, I don’t like them using fear to push […]

  • The Decalogue and Polytheism

    In the King James Bible, Exodus 20:3 reads Thou shalt have no other gods before me. If you’re Christian this is part of the first comandmant of the Decalogue, for Jews (note the Jooglebomb) this is part of the second statement of the Decalogue. The only way I can read this is that there certainly […]

  • StealthSurfer

    I just was reading up on Stealth Surfer (via Engadget) and it looks like a pretty cool device, but it still has a ways to go. It’s a USB device that aims to protect your privacy by not leaving browser trails on your computer. As you can see from the picture to the left, it […]