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  • TechnoratiTags

    Technorati announced their new tag search engine recently (more info on that), so I’ve written a Movable Type plugin that will take an entry’s Keywords field and turn them into Technorati tags. If you want to see it in action, look at the sidebar on the top right of this entry. Download TechnoratiTags 0.3 (zip) […]

  • What’s the deal with blogging?

    Subtitled “Explaining blogging to my mother.” I’m starting off my What’s the Deal series with blogging, because without blogging there wouldn’t be a What’s the Deal series. I imagine everything in here will be somewhat old news to most of my regular audience, but I’m writing this for the people who want to understand what […]

  • More on comment spam (and more parenthetical remarks)

    Comment spam is back in the spotlight after Six Apart fixed a big Movable Type bug that was causing the load of comment spam to DoS servers. This eWeek story on the subject led me to a post where Sean Gallagher agrees with my inflammatory post from earlier this year (I got an email from […]

  • Why yes, I did change my RSS feed

    … thanks for asking! I pointed the RSS feeds over to and am redirecting /index.xml, /index.rdf and /atom.xml there. Let me know if you have any thoughts on it, as well as the inclusion of my and my Flickr. I pulled the and Flickr feed splicing, if you want to see those […]

  • Wiki test

    I got kind of sick of people posting comments on I got 101 problems but Apple ain’t one about whether Konfabulator and Watson were rip-offs or ripped-off (when the real question is whether Apple’s actions affect 3rd party developers decision to make Mac apps) so I closed comments on the entry. But. I installed Instiki […]

  • Field guide to RSS ads

    Wired has picked up on ads in RSS, so it’s as good a time as any for me to catch up on the subject. I first wrote about it when mehack shoehorned Google ads into their feed. Since then I’ve seen more and more ads in Bloglines. Virtually all professional content site (professional in the […]

  • Gravatar reinvents FOAF

    So Gravatar is making “globally recognized avatars” that can show up in blog comment posts. Sound familiar? The difference is that this is a centralized service instead of using the distributed FOAF. Personally, I prefer using FOAF, but it seems like centralized services succeed. (via)

  • Why hasn’t Google stopped comment spam?

    [Update: They did something! Google, MSN and Yahoo! now disregard links with nofollow in the rel attribute of a link. Example: <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>. Go grab a plugin for your blogging system and stop supporting comment spammers! Like the TiVo permalink thing, any relation between the deployed solution and my proposal is largely coincidental and […]

  • Blog pimpin

    Hmmm, Paramount sent free tickets for Team America: World Police to Matt Haughy and Rob Malda as part of an attempt to market the movie weblogs. Who else? My first reaction was “wow, blogs are finally getting some respect!” My current reaction is “wow, blogs are not getting any respect!” Why the flip-flop? My guess […]

  • Google’s comment spam problem

    Comment spam is a problem, but it’s not my problem. I get hit with comment spam, sure, but I’m only to blame in the sense that I have a weblog. The comment spammers are to blame, but they’re not alone in culpability. The one character missing is the one people are first to defend and […]