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  • RSS in 2022

    RSS in 2022

    My friend Adam recently asked me about the RSS feeds I consume, so I thought it was a good time to do the equivalent of a 2022 blogroll post. The orange RSS icons in this post link directly to RSS feeds you can subscribe to. If you don’t have a way to follow RSS feeds, […]

  • Your “thread” should have been a blog post… Your tweet or your toot can also be a blog post. You don’t even need a title. (h/t Chris)

  • How to Install Movable Type 2.64 on macOS Sierra

    I started this blog in May of 2003. I had a LiveJournal at one point, and even wrote my own blog system to teach myself a new language called PHP. But this blog, 90% Crud, started then. I used Movable Type, a Perl CGI application. I wrote some stuff, met some good folks and was inspired […]

  • reBlogging instead of regular blogging

    Oh crap, I’m posting about not posting! There goes the last blogging cliché. Anyway, what I meant to say is that while I’ve been ignoring this blog (but really, really plan on posting more soon. Really) and posting plenty to my account, I’m also reBlogging for Eyebeam for the first two weeks of May. […]

  • Ann Arbor Blogger meetup

    If you’re in or around Ann Arbor, MI you should clear your calendar next Tuesday (Jan 10, 2006) so you can make it to the Ann Arbor blogger meetup at Leopold Bros.. You might also notice that event is part of the Ann Arbor Bloggers group on Upcoming, which will be the place to find […]

  • Blog posts I didn’t make

    “The best weblogs are the ones in everyone’s ‘drafts’ folder.” Here’s the blog posts I never finished or posted:

  • Looking to upgrade ArborBlogs

    ArborBlogs is starting to get a little long in the tooth, and I’m not too happy with the Drupal aggregator codebase. The ability for people to post to the site was under-utilized, to say the least, so I’m looking for a pure-aggregator to replace it. Some of the things I’m looking for are: Support for […]

  • NPR’s most interesting podcast

    Browsing through NPR’s Podcast Directory, one in particular stood out; not for its content but for the way it was created. Most of the podcasts are simply NPR shows, but NPR: Most E-Mailed Stories is assembled based on the audience’s reaction to NPR news stories. People tend to share stories they like, so in theory […]

  • Red Flag on the Field

    The next time someone freaks out on live TV, will the broadcaster flip the “Copy Never” bit to control the damage? Read my full post over on PVRblog.

  • On the value of nofollow

    offline Originally uploaded by revgeorge. Last weekend I was completely offline. Comcast decided to disconnect my cable line instead of my neighbors, and thanks to Memorial Day weekend I got to wait extra long to get my cable restored. I wasn’t online, my only TV was from the TiVo, and all my GameFly games were […]