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  • RSS vs. the 24 hour news cycle

    Bruce Schneier posted his response to a call for the media to pipe down about terrorist attacks. The argument goes that by publicizing terror attacks the media is creating terror, so why not short-circuit the terrorists’ goal? Mr. Schneier explains that the consequence of doing so would cause worse things than terrorism. He also discusses […]

  • Happy Snow-On-Tulips Day!

    + It snowed a lot on Sunday. While this isn’t unheard of in April, a lot of people thought that winter was over because on Tuesday it was 81°. A lot of people write it off as “LOL it’s just Michigan weather” but I think that’s a cop-out and that plenty of other places have […]

  • Looking for a webgeek job?

    My employer is looking to hire and has two open positions posted on our website: Web Developer The ideal candidate will have experience developing cross-browser user interfaces and well rounded technical experience with scripting for web application development. This person will work with the Software Developer and the Graphic Designer to integrate the user interface […]

  • Halo 2 something in Ann Arbor

    If you know what is all about, I’ll just say that I’m most likely going to whatever is happening tomorrow at 42.279270 -083.748764 and photos should appear on my Flickr space shortly after 10:59AM EDT. [via] If you don’t know what it is, is a marketing game for Halo 2. It’s not obvious […]

  • Reuters TV RSS Feed

    While not exactly broadcatching, I’m consistently impressed with the World News from Reuters Television RSS feed (preview). They provide links to Real Video streams that show sometimes polished, sometimes raw television segments about world news. They show the fighting on the streets and the government hearings that are important news. Plus, it’s a peek into […]

  • Voter Discouragement Coming From Campaigns?

    Wired has a piece today called Blogs Counter Political Plottings that talks about how social software like weblogs and social networking sites are increasing voter turnout. What caught my eye was this admission from Markos Moulitsas Zúniga:”In a traditional campaign, ‘you strip out all of the people you can’t control — to keep as many […]

  • HOWTO: How and Why You Would Want To Get Ogg Vorbis on iTunes

    Wherein I explain how to get Ogg Vorbis in iTunes, what the hell that means and why the hell you would do such a damn fool thing.

  • Potential .us domain names: – could be a religious-themed – David‘s suggestion – a site where people beg for sex or a fan site for Miss Ivannah from Mallrats What else?

  • cLife

    One of Apple’s big selling points of OS X is its applications. These applications are targeted at filling the need of people to manage their content in as easy a way as possible. Here’s a list of applications found either in the default dock because I will be coming back to these apps in a […]

  • AT&T Wireless screws up bigtime

    Here’s a quick overview of what’s happening: AT&T Wireless is sending out new phones to upgrade malfunctioning phones to its customers for free. Sounds good, right? Well the new phones that it’s sending out are newer, but in almost every case not as good. Take a look at the comparison between the new T226 and […]