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  • Nicky Case’s Game of Trust

    This is a great way to explain how systems affect trust Trust is falling. Why? And how can we fix it? My interactive guide to the game theory of trust is now OUT! 👉 👈 — Nicky Case 👻 (@ncasenmare) July 25, 2017 (via)

  • Cyber roundup

    The Cyber is big again. Huge. I think that Trump’s talk about The Cyber at this week’s debate got a bunch of people talking about cyberpunk. At least, that’s what it looked like in my feeds. I noticed a lot of posts about cyberpunk stuff which I’ve collected here: Someone built an Ono Sendai Cyberspace […]

  • Man Caves and Men

    This Guy Studies Man Caves for a Living; Here’s What He’s Learned There’s a lot of good stuff in here, but the most interesting thing to me was that a man caves are an aspirational space driven by loneliness. If you build it they will come. Almost every guy tells me he’ll use it to “have people […]

  • How Nextdoor reduced racist posts by 75%

    In April, Nextdoor started a pilot program to see if it could change its interface to discourage its users from racially profiling people in their posts. A test group of neighborhoods were shown six different variations of the form used to make a “crime and safety” report for their neighborhood. Some just saw the addition […]

  • Towards an understanding of technical debt – Laughing Meme

    I’ve spent the last few years rather flippantly stating, “Technical debt doesn’t exist.” What I was trying to say was, “I’m deeply uncomfortable with how our industry talks about this thing, I think it’s probably harmful, but I don’t know quite how to express what I mean. Also, given that everyone seems to be really […]

  • Some people call me the space cowboy

  • ☕️

    More Consensus on Coffee’s Benefits Than You Might Think Just last year, a systematic review and meta-analysis of studies looking at long-term consumption of coffee and the risk of cardiovascular disease was published. The researchers found 36 studies involving more than 1,270,000 participants. The combined data showed that those who consumed a moderate amount of […]

  • Nick Cave’s Red Right Hand in the style of Dr. Seuss