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  • XXXmas

    I found this hillarious ad (Quicktime version) that is just in time for the holidays. (via MeFi) I don’t know about your workplace but mine thought it was funny and there are no naughty bits, but the sin of Onan is implied fairly well. This also reminds me of the classic Ikea Tidy Up ad […]

  • Speaking of targeted ads…

    Online personals are an interesting commodity because the supply and demand are one and the same. That doesn’t work when you have 100% demanding supply and no demand for the supply. I still can’t help shaking my head at this: It links to OSDN’s Personals, which is a weird, weird idea. Can you imagine the […]

  • Friendster Photos

    This guide to Friendster photos could easily apply to LiveJournal as well. Is that enough text to keep me from needing a sideblog? (via NTK)

  • Fleep

    Fleep is an amazing 44 page online comic. It’s smart, intriguing and a bit spooky. If his popup window cuts off the comic (it does in Safari) visit this page instead, but be prepared for lots of popup navigation windows. Even with that minor annoyance this is well worth your time. (Thanks Jenny!)

  • I, for one, welcome our new Solar overlords

    While it’s snowing outside in Michigan, I doubt that will last long if the weather report for Turney, MO is to be believed. I’ve archived the weather report in case there is a change in Earth’s fate. (via Fark) [Update: it looks like they fixed it, good thing I grabbed that archive]

  • AIM Targeting Ads

    Looks like AOL is getting a bit more specific with their ads. I have a vague memory of giving them my ZIP code when I signed up for this account, and now they’re showing me ads for a community college about an hour away. Personally I prefer to see more relevant advertising than blanket ads […]

  • Jackson White

    vs. (thanks Ben)

  • SpamAssassin and sa-learn

    Ben reminded me about SpamAssassin‘s sa-learn tool recently. It trains the Bayesian filter that is part of (but not all of) SpamAssassin. I usually get between 100 and 200 pieces of junk email a day, and so I cannot live without SpamAssassin, but I usually get a couple false negatives that catches. Normally I […]

  • Grouphug Fact Finding

    If you’re not familiar with group hug it is a site where people can and do make anonymous confessions. Spend some time there, it’s terribly entertaining. It also attracts a lot of joke confessions because, well, it’s on the Internet. Jenny sent me a link to this confession, which has been removed by the public […]

  • Web design, free as in speech

    Open Source Web Design acts as a sort of Freshmeat for web design. Designers share some good looking designs for free, they benefit in some of the same way open source coders benefit (portfolio pieces, hone their skills, etc). I may have to use one on my tired site, the only downside is that I […]