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  • Plink and FOAF

    Plink is a new Friendster clone with one big difference: it’s completely open. It uses the FOAF specification for describing relationships between people. Because you create and store this data on your own, you are in complete control of it, and it can be used for other tools as well. For example, my FOAF created […]

  • Hyper cyber virtual laser keyboard

    I’ve been hearing about these for a while now but it looks like they’re actually on the way to stores. The Virtual Laser Keyboard projects an image of a keyboard on any surface and then watches where your fingers tap. It’s made for PDAs and laptops, and a cell phone version is coming at the […]

  • Fat City, USA

    Detroit was declared the fattest city in the country (via Rob) today, taking the title from Houston. Houston city councilwoman Carol Alvarado was magnanimous in defeat, saying “Congratulations, Detroit.” Weirdly, the 5:00 Simpsons rerun on channel 50 (Detroit’s UPN affiliate) was Sweets & Sour Marge. The one sentence TiVo synopsis is “When Springfield gets the […]

  • George Chen, asian guy

    The asian guy or internet guy or mp3 guy shows up everywhere. I see him rocking out to all sorts of mp3 players; selling me the world from the other side of emo glasses. But who is he? A 1999 article reveals that he is George Chen (via sideblog) and examines who he is […]

  • Vote no on Jesus

    McSweeny’s has an incredibly clever review of the intersection of politics and Jesus’s teachings. It takes the form of a letter from Pat Robertson to his followers on a presidential campaign by Jesus H. Christ and makes some salient points. Just six months after His re-rebirth, it has become startlingly clear that Jesus has lost […]

  • Silly English you-know-what

    Tim Berners-Lee has been knighted for creating the World Wide Web (does anyone ever use the first two Ws anymore?) and I couldn’t be more in agreement. While the title was originally for an armored soldier, it’s been a ceremonial title for the past few hundred years. It conveys a great sense of respect for […]

  • A look back at 2003

    I’ve only been keeping this site for about 5 months (with some older LiveJournal entries thrown in for good measure) but rather than write something new I’ll just list some of the memorable posts from 2003. It’s like photoblogging – easier than actually coming up with something new to say. Underappreciated XHTML Tags Gubernatorial Prognostication […]

  • Awesome films from yesteryear

    Steve Cherry has found a great repository of "ephemeral" films from the collection of Rick Prelinger. Steve has some choice picks from the archive with films like Perversion for Profit I and Boys Beware.

  • Which one is the tax and party party?

    After seeing the RepubliCard (via Stephen) I remembered that I had been meaning to post about the Bush Tax. It’s an interesting way of framing the financial debate, the Democratic party has been labeled "tax and spend" but few people point out that the Republican alternative is to borrow and spend. The site points out […]

  • Obligatory Office Space Quote

    "There was nothing wrong with it… until that no-talent ass clown became famous and started winning Grammys. … Why should I change? He’s the one who sucks."