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  • The web’s equivelant of 42

    I finally found it, the link that explains everything. Want to know why the world is so weird? Click that link. The middle east? Explained in that link. Your parents? Check. In case it’s too subtle right now, the content is from CNN. Created with the Website Mixmaster. (via MeFi)

  • What I learned from other bloggers

    From Stephen: Your weblog represents you, make it look good. (still on the todo list) From AAIO, Murph, Rob, Steven and all the ArborBlogs: You have to live somewhere, write about it. From Warren: Put a picture in your post whenever you can. From Cory, Xeni, et all: Use the <ins> and <del> tags liberally. […]

  • Bullfight de la pequeña persona

    This video (2.5MB QuickTime) is just about the greatest thing since Citizen Kane. It’s got everything: Action! Drama! Romance! A midget bullfighter! Spanish! If anyone ever claims that bullfights are cruel, you can point them to this video to show the fondness that the contestants share for each other. (via David)

  • 20 steps to fix OS X

    macosxhints has an article titled Twenty steps to help diagnose and fix system issues. Keep the URL somewhere safe (for example by posting it to your weblog so that you can search your archives for it in the future) because it’s fairly sound advice and in a pretty good order. Next time your OS X […]

  • MI Democratic caucus coming up

    Sign up now to vote for the Michigan Democratic presidential caucus. You can vote online or by mail, and you can sign up with that link until the 31st. The actual vote is Feb. 7th. Remember, Al Sharpton was the road manager for James Brown, that’s got to count for something. (via Stephen)

  • Carol Moseley Braun, Geek?

    It had to happen, there wasn’t any other way. Within 12 hours of announcing to me (and possibly the rest of the country) that she was a geek, Carol Moseley Braun dropped out of the presidential race. It seems fitting that the geekiest candidate since Diamond Joe Quimby said “Welcome futurists, cyberphiles, and the rest […]

  • Cult of the Dead Cow endorses Dean

    The cDc has announced its endorsement for Howard Dean, or at least cDc member Obscure Images has. This can only mean that Dean will emerge not only President, but possibly some sort of Godhead for the next thousand years. I think that the best chance that we have for getting the Shrub and his filthy […]

  • Daniel, Daniel, Daniel

    Daniel is understandably excited about the microcosm of American consumer culture that is The Price Is Right. Is he mentally impaired or just on drugs? Which drugs? Either way, you need to watch this video (5.6 Mb Windows Media file) right this second. (via Jenny)

  • UUCP in 2003… err… 2004

    I found the depraved rantings of a psychotic on ONLamp strangely compelling. I mean, can this insanity be real? Can UUCP be the solution for mobile email? What’s next, Gopher based RSS readers? I love retro protocols, but finding a well reasoned article explaining their current usefulness is too much. Some of the benefits (a […]

  • I know those words,but that sign doesn’t make sense

    Can anyone explain to me what this means? All I know about it is that when I clicked on it, it took me to a page that makes Geocities look like K10k. WTF does it mean?