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  • Weekly World News editor fakes his own death

    It is being reported that Eddie Clontz, editor for the Weekly World News died in January. Obviously he faked his death and is now living in seclusion with Elvis, Bat Boy and possibly Aliens. This will no doubt be proven when Satan is seen in the clouds above his “grave.” I mean, if this were […]

  • Tune Recycler

    Downhill Battle announced today Tune Recycler, wherein they plan to accept codes from Pepsi’s iTunes promotion. Downhill Battle opens their announcement saying “Pepsi is about to dump 100 million free iTunes songs into circulation.” I have to question how the songs are in circulation if you can’t resell them, but I have bigger concerns with […]

  • SneakerNetting

    The Reg has a story about Netflix, which includes the statistic that whey they’re busy they ship out “around 5,000,000 gigabytes per day.” That’s around 5 Petabytes of data. In a day. There’s an old saying, “never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of tape,” which could probably use some updating. (via PVRBlog)

  • Social Software Hatin’

    There’s a lot of hatin’ going on in the social software arena, so I either launched the SongBuddy beta at the best or the worst time. Warren Ellis doesn’t see any value in them. Cory Doctorow is tired of the same old introduce-me-to-a-friend shit. Jason Kottke needs full-time help managing these social sites. So where […]

  • Announcing SongBuddy Beta

    Kicked out of Orkut? Done with all these social networking sites that just hook you up with friends? I mean, an attractive, smart, well liked person such as yourself already has all the friends that they need. But what about your music? SongBuddy is a friending site with a cause: to hook you up with […]

  • Bloglines Revisited

    I’ve been using Bloglines a lot more since my last review of it. Mark Fletcher did a pretty good job of taking care of my caching concern, and known bug in Safari. So I got some of the bad out of the way, what’s good? First off, the UI is top notch. I can’t think […]

  • Hey Ya, Charlie Brown!

    Another fine video in the form of “juxtaposing children’s cartoons with music,” Hey Ya, Charlie Brown merges Outkast and Peanuts. I wonder what album this would be on, Snooponia? It reminds me of the Pokemon Bitches video, which I assume is at that link but won’t play in Safari.

  • No updates

    There won’t be that many updates this week, because of my super secret project. As it just so happens, my super secret project will be announced here on Monday the 26th, but there’s a hint about it in the URL for this entry. Another hint is what I’ve been posting about today.

  • MagnetLinks and the DMCA

    Magnet Links is a proposal for being able to link to files on any P2P network. I remember back in the day I listed my mp3 collection on my website and build napster: URIs to link to. This seems like a useful tool, because it’s an open specification any P2P tool can implement it. One […]

  • Wha?

    I’m not sure I understand what’s going on in this DMCA notification to Speakeasy: This site, which we accessed on 7 May 2003 14:07:22 EDT (GMT -0400), offers approximately 0 sound files for download. Many of these files contain recordings owned by our member companies, including songs by such artists as Creed. I know Creed […]