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  • AOL discovers reality

    AOL to launch reality show: Hoping to capitalize on the sensational buzz around NBC’s hit reality show, AOL is launching an online feature that will follow the travails of four small-business owners for their first 12 months. 1998 called and they want back.

  • Gmail and ZÖE

    First off, this isn’t an April Fools Day post, I was going to do something but was having trouble with the code, so I’ll do something sometime next week. I subscribe to the Jimmy James theory that if you do your April Fools thing on April 1st, people will be expecting it. So Google is […]

  • PhotoBlogging

    Upset at Textamerica for 0wning your pictures and spamming you reserving the right to spam you? Buzznet looks like a pretty good alternative, and they support Creative Commons. Personally, I’m using Airblogging to post pictures to my LiveJournal although it supports Moveable Type, TypePad, and Blogger too.

  • Yoshimi Battles The Hip-Hop Robots

    Wow, just wow. The Kleptones present Yoshimi Battles The Hip-Hop Robots. I’m digging this moreso than most mashes, the Flaming Lips album provides a great backdrop for hip-hop lyrics. Go download all these songs right this second. I don’t know that it’s legal to add to SongBuddy though, which is why I didn’t add it. […]

  • How Two Way is the Internet?

    A recent study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project found that 44% of American Internet users post content online and between 2% and 7% keep weblogs. CNN considers the number of bloggers is small but I get the exact opposite impression. First, 44% of users contributing content to the Internet is huge. People […]

  • Spam Dam?

    Here’s a brainfart I just had, and I would love feedback: A big problem with spam is the unsubscribe link. We all know by now not to attempt to unsubscribe because that’s how spammers know that your email address is active. Legitimate email newsletters also contain unsubscribe links, but we’re usually too afraid to click […]

  • Grey Tuesday

    Downhill Battle seems to be on a roll, they have a new project called Grey Tuesday where they ask sites to post the mp3s from the Grey Album to their websites on February 24th. 90% Crud and SongBuddy plan to participate. [Update: Plans change. If you want to see why plans changed in this case, […]

  • Why hasn’t Yahoo! gotten on the social software bandwagon?

    It seems like Yahoo! has everything that Orkut and the rest are trying to get and more. Their profiles are system-wide, they have a dating site, a job-finding site and a community builder and a buttload of users. They also have the start of a friends list in their instant messenger’s buddy list and address […]

  • TidyText

    Last Updated: April 20, 2004 TidyText is my new plugin for Moveable Type, which I’ve been working on while slacking on SongBuddy. It adds two new text formatting options for entries that will run them through HTML Tidy to make the XHTML valid before building the entry. Most of us want to support web standards, […]

  • David, Susana and Linkdumps

    No one else seems to be noticing, so I want to make sure that everyone reading this visits two new weblogs. The first is Wax Elastic by my friend and cow orker David Weinstock. Lots of links and clever writing, I’m looking forward to watching this grow. The second is SuperSusy by David’s wife Susana, […]