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  • I can’t make it to the Flash Mob…

    … I’m still sitting on this damn flagpole.

  • Knowing is Half the Battle

    Not sure where this entry went…

  • Christmas in August

    I know what I want for Christmas (via MeFi). I just hope it doesn’t go AWOL while protecting Texas from the Vietcong army. Also weird is this: I found it doing a search for George W. Bush Texas. I doubt it’s the same man, but it’s still weird to have that pop up during a […]

  • BlogChangeBot

    BlogChangeBot uses‘s updated weblog feed, which is generated from pings. Since I’m in the free user ghetto I need to manually ping to get this to work. Paid users just have to enable it. Of course since this is using Moveable Type pings are built in. So there.

  • Flash Mob This

    MeFi says “Flash Mobs are cool“. I say MeFi can suck it. Flash Mobs (a term coined by Larry Niven describing what would happen when teleportation technology enabled people to instantly appear on the site of breaking news) seem to be the hip new thing these days and everyone is saying how interesting or cool […]

  • Mideast Futures Market

    The Pentagon is working on a futures market for people to step right up and place their bets on what’s going to happen in the Middle East. The market would work this way. Investors would buy and sell futures contracts — essentially a series of predictions about what they believe might happen in the Mideast. […]

  • Flash Wednesday

    Wack-an-Oats Got nothing else to do this morning? Whack an Oats and leave Morris alone. My cow orker David did this and it pays proper respec to Morris Day and the Time.

  • Hipster Bingo

    If you haven’t seen it already, check out Hipster Bingo or the newer version with vitamin random. While we’re fresh out of 4 ft. girls and PBR at the office, I’ve got a couple easy wins in my social circle. Sadly I’m not hip enough to help anyone’s scores… yet…

  • Better late…

    I’m surprised it took me so long to do this, but I’d like to point you to my cow orker Stephen and his wife Amy’s weblog. It’s running Moveable Type; the design is pure XHTML and CSS, and it looks a lot better than anything I could ever design. Check it out!