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  • Imagine messing up a laptop camera so badly that a return to normalcy is literally a headline feature

  • This is Web 2.0?

    Until comes back to life I guess I’ll have to share my links the old-fashioned way: link blogging. Expect this post to be updated until del comes back. Helacyton gartleri – Disenchanted Dictionary “Is this a new species? In 1991 the scientific community decided it was, and blessed HeLa [cancer] cells with its own […]

  • Secure Email Meme

    Oh boy, a chain blog entry! Dave Walker called me out to talk about securing email; who am I to refuse? You should secure your email. Am I done? OK, so that’s not the best supported argument. If everyone secured their email there would be virtually no spam, but any system that doesn’t show benefits […]

  • How Hollywood Manipulates Science

    There was a story on Slashdot this morning about new research involving a giant ape. It’s awfully coincidental that this research came out 1 month before the King Kong movie. Think I’m being cynical? Listen to this NPR piece on how Hollywood manipulates science (8:54) to promote its movies. Universal Pictures worked with paleontologists to […]

  • MyKea

    MySQL wants to be Ikea of the database market. (via) The headline on its own is great, but MySQL and IKEA are actually pretty good parallels. The people with $10,000 couches and $100,000 databases will always deride the cheapness, lack of certain design flourishes, and the fact that you generally have to put it together […]

  • NYT on Floater Ads

    The New York Times talks about floater ads, the ads that are actually in the same window as the content. On the downside they’re harder to block than popups, but the silver lining is that you know which site they came from so you can stop going there. Whenever I see a link to IGN […]

  • A softer world.

    I got my book from A softer world and am very happy with it, although it took forever to get here. It doesn’t have anything that’s not on the web site, but it’s easier to leave out on the coffee table. They need an RSS feed, the only web comics I read are through Bloglines, […]

  • Suffragette City

    I spotted this Google ad when I was checking if suffrage was a noun: If only Susan B. Anthony had eBay, things would have been so much easier.

  • Election Night Drink Specials

    I’m launching my latest project, Election Night Drink Specials. The goal is to provide a listing of all the bars in the country that will offer drink specials on November 2nd with people who have “I Voted” stickers. I’m hoping to get more young people (especially college students) to vote because their bars are encouraging […]

  • Cone of Silence

    I was reading about the mobile phone box (via) which reminded me of something I had thought earlier. I know pay phones are dying but can we keep phone booths around? Give people who don’t want to subject others to their conversations a place to take a call. Plus, the lack of phone booths no […]