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  • Video of the 2018 Harold Hotelling Lecture

    Video of the 2018 Harold Hotelling Lecture

    Lawrence Tech’s 2018 Harold Hotelling Memorial Lecture is up on YouTube: Dad was on board with school choice, and it turns out that he and Dr. Harris discussed this when Dr. Harris was dad’s student. I enjoyed the nuance that Dr. Harris brought to the topic as well – something deeper than “markets are good” […]

  • Election Day Should Not Be A National Holiday

    One of the nice things about importing decades-old blog posts is you can see how wrong you were how much you’ve grown. Take this post from April 2004: Why isn’t Election Day a national holiday? On the surface it seems like a decent idea. Democracy is good, holidays are good, what’s not to like? More voters […]

  • Are You Sure You Are Registered To Vote?

    You might think you are registered, but today is the day to be sure. Go to’s Verification page. You can either fill out their form, or scroll down to your state’s verification page. Don’t show up to the polls in November and find out you’ve been purged from the database. Go check. Now.

  • Jessica Rosenworcel on Net Neutrality

    A friend of mine gave me the heads up  that FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel was giving a policy interview about net neutrality yesterday. Sometimes things just drop in my lap like that. Rosenworcel dissented with the FCC’s rollback of net neutrality protections: The FCC is on the wrong side of history, the wrong side of […]

  • Call to Support Net Neutrality (again)

    If you live in the US, call your reps and let them know you support net neutrality. Go to this site, put in your phone number and they'll call to connect you with your reps. It took me 3 minutes. It's also good practice talking to your government. Do it. I don't want to live […]

  • 2016 Harold Hotelling Memorial Lecture

    The video from the 2016 Harold Hotelling Memorial Lecture has just been posted. This is an annual lecture that Lawrence Technological University hosts in my father’s memory since his passing in 2009. He was a faculty member there and I was fortunate to be able to attend in October before the election. This year the lecturer […]

  • In Life-Imitates-Snow-Crash News…

    E-residency: The power to choose your nation At the time of writing, the e-residency project has just come out of its beta stage and has been fully live for two months. During the 60 days more than 4,000 people have signed up to become members, doubling the target number that was set for twelve months. […]

  • ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    This is a real thing that really happened: