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  • … Only outlaws will use Lynx

    BoingBoing is reporting that a man trying to donate to Tsunami relief was arrested because BT thought he was trying to hack their site: For donating to a Tsunami appeal using Lynx on Solaris 10. BT [British Telecom] who run the donation management system misread an access log and saw hmm thats a non standard […]

  • Birth And Parenting Educators launched

    I launched Birth and Parenting Educators, which is a site for my mom’s Lamaze classes. It’s using TextPattern for the backend, which has some real frustrating concepts but is well built and powerful. I’m working on a post-mortem which I’ll post here, but in the meantime let me know if there are any typos or […]

  • Privacy in Halo 2

    Here’s a question and answer from Bungie’s latest weekly update: I see that my stats are available on the Bungie web site. Is there a way to hide the information so that others can’t see it? I can look up games played for everyone in the system. – That doesn’t appear to maintain any privacy. […]

  • Buggy Video Games (avoid Prince of Persia: Warrior Within)

    This is a rant about Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. I got it from GameFly (I’ll post my thoughts on them later, but the short bit is good, but needs to steal more ideas from Netflix) and have put in at least 10 hours. I now have a save game that is useless because I’m […]

  • TiVo rants moved

    I should mention that I’ll no longer be posting any more rants about TiVo here. While my old rants will always be in my archives, I’ll now be going off half cocked about the company and the product over at PVRblog. Matt was kind enough to offer me posting access, which I’ve already taken advantage […]

  • All Torrents Considered

    Surprisingly, I’m glad that a combination of Thanksgiving traffic and icy rain slowed my commute. That’s because it kept me in the car long enough to hear NPR’s All Things Considered talk about BitTorrent. It starts off with an explanation of how BitTorrent works, and Bram Cohen (the guy who made BitTorrent) gets some airtime. […]

  • My Beloved TiVo…

    Dearest TiVo, Since I’m now apparently in charge of product development, here are some of the things I would like to see from my division: At the mall this weekend I saw a Windows XP Media Center Edition display that had MCE running on a couple big screen TVs with couches in front of them […]

  • Ghost in the Shell

    Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex premiers tonight on Cartoon Network [TiVo it]. I don’t like most anime, but the movie was pretty good and I’ll see how the show is. Is this post just an excuse to play with TiVo permalinks? You know it.

  • Dear TiVo…

    Dear TiVo Inc., Please create permalinks for episodes of television shows. For instance, when Boing Boing posts about a show, I want them to be able to embed a link that will add a show to my ToDo list using remote scheduling. Do you see what I did there? I didn’t tell you to type […]

  • IP Relay Calls

    IP relay services like this one are services that allow deaf, mute, or other telephonically challenged people to make calls. An IP relay operator calls a person and reads text to them, then types responses. This is obviously inviting abuse, like these NSFW calls (via A lot are just filthy talk, usually in the […]