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  • Hacking Spam? WTF?

    This is a first for me. I was going over my server’s log report this morning and I noticed 218 authentication failures from a domain name that implies that the company does security consulting. I checked the site and sure enough, they’re a “tiger team.” Is this a new method of spam, getting their domain […]

  • Naysaying on Pop-up Block-clicking

    My post about a pop-up ad block-clicker has generated a bunch of responses. There are some that make good points about why a block-clicker would be difficult: Dan Hartung: I dunno — do you really think that a handful of webheads installing a plugin (think a double-digit percentage of Firefox users is possible? I don’t) […]

  • Yahoo 360°

    So it looks like Yahoo! is getting a social platform called Yahoo! 360° (because they’ve finally got people typing the ! in Yahoo!, they figure they can get people to use ° too). I don’t think anyone could have predicted that Yahoo was going to go social. From what little information we have, it looks […]

  • Making sure pop-ups are click fraud

    Last week I found out that 90% of clicks on pop-up ads are crud accidental. I’ve been thinking a bit more about this. Specifically, I’ve been thinking 90% is too low. Pop-up advertisers have started getting through Firefox’s pop-up blocker, which annoys me way more than pop-ups in IE used to. I’ve only seen a […]

  • Portrait of a broken spam blocker

    For users get their password via email when they register. Occasionally someone will have a spam blocking service that requires people who send email to verify themselves by going to a site and passing a Captcha. I just got one of those requests from Earthlink, and the damn thing won’t accept my input. I […]

  • Uh, you’re welcome?

    I just got an email from GameFly: Thank you for being such a great subscriber. You are now eligible for our new 3-game plan. Enjoy. I’m on a 2-game plan so this sounded good (especially considering the 10-14 day turnaround) until I noticed that the new 3-game plan comes with a 3-game price too. Maybe […]

  • RSS feeds for vBulletin message boards

    I wasn’t aware of this, but vBulletin message boards provide RSS feeds. Then again, I haven’t spent much time on message boards because, up until now, I didn’t know that some of them had RSS feeds. To get the feed just add external.php?type=RSS2 to the URL, so for the TiVo Community forums at the […]

  • Back to Yahoo

    I’m starting to use Yahoo for search again. What really won me over was the fact that Yahoo web searches include a link to a site’s RSS feed in the results. Now whenever someone asks me “how do I find RSS feeds for sites?” I can tell them to just search Yahoo. I’m not anti-Google, […]

  • Cool stuff I noticed about Google Maps

    If you haven’t been to Google Maps yet, Get yourself some better RSS feeds Go to Here are some cool things I’ve noticed about Google Maps. I think this is going to be one of those posts I update a lot in a day. The URLs are fairly clean. You can look up an […]

  • My server got 0wned

    [Update: There’s a new awstats vulnerability out there that affects the stable and development versions, through 6.4. Turn off awstats until they fix this.] I’m not sure how bad the damage is yet. They got in yesterday through an installation of AWStats that hadn’t been upgraded. We upgraded our main installation but there was another […]