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  • Like pagecurl for web developers

    I’m learning Ruby on Rails for a personal project (hopefully announce early next month) and I’m a member of the cult now. One thing though, is they make certain AJAX effects really, really easy. For instance, to add Google Suggest-like auto-completion, it’s two lines of code. I think it’s great that Thomas Fuchs and the […]

  • Always on Google

    My girlfriend and I are sitting in a semi-darkened theater on Thursday night. The ticket says 9:45 PM, it was now that time and we had just finished watching 10 minutes of commercials. Instead of the movie, we get an in-depth ad for Ron Howard’s new movie and a great big view of Ron Howard. […]

  • RSS vs. the 24 hour news cycle

    Bruce Schneier posted his response to a call for the media to pipe down about terrorist attacks. The argument goes that by publicizing terror attacks the media is creating terror, so why not short-circuit the terrorists’ goal? Mr. Schneier explains that the consequence of doing so would cause worse things than terrorism. He also discusses […]

  • Blogs and wikis in space

    Scott Trudeau and I were talking about the intersection of blogs and wikis, which I realize everyone else talked about two years ago. Maybe next I’ll start blogging about how I’m sorry that I haven’t blogged more, or pull post ideas from Anil’s list of clichés. I also had an insightful conversation with Mark Dilley […]

  • Drupal modules in RSS

    One of the hard things about searching the web by keyword is that sometimes you want to find things with a specific relationship. Take Drupal’s module list for example. I want to know when there are new modules available, which is perfect for RSS. There’s plenty of information about Drupal modules that make RSS, but […]

  • A practical use for HTML-embedded images

    Did you know that Firefox, Safari, Konqueror and Opera all let you embed an image in an <img> element? Maybe, if you saw it on Andy’s linkblog. OK, so that’s cool, but it doesn’t explain why you would want to. Well there’s a Greasemonkey script (Greasemonkey is tanfastic and you should install it now if […]

  • What’s in your Firefox?

    I’ve got a bunch of Firefox extensions installed so I thought I’d take the old “what’s on your dock” meme and apply it to the browser. So here’s my extension menu:

  • HOWTO: Make a weblog a gopherlog

    Wherein I explain how to turn back the clock and use a protocol that no one supports.

  • Party like it’s March 31st, 1991

    If you’re reading the RSS feed, you should be sure to visit my site today. (Alternatively try this approximation)

  • Pick any two

    The old line “good, fast and cheap: pick any two” is tossed around a lot to describe software projects. Last night Scott Trudeau let me in on an inversion of this triangle that he picked up from the 37 Signals folks at SXSW, and I dug up this comment by David Heinemeier Hansson on their […]