Category: Geekery

  • AT&T mMode Location

    My cell phone has some pretty cool location services. It will let me search for restaurants near my phone, movie times at theaters near my phone, that kind of thing. One of the niftiest features is “find a friend,” which allows me to get the location of people who have specifically added me to their […]

  • Zope is Dope!

    Edd Dumbill has a weblog about technologies that aren’t the easiest to get into, but are rewarding when you do. Linux would be the first thing that comes to my mind – they say it’s user friendly, just picky about who its friends are. His latest entry is Sticking with it – Zope One of […]

  • RSS Feed for Duane

    Duane doesn’t have an RSS feed for his site so I decided to test out a new RSS creator class for PHP and build him one. The hardest part was getting PHP’s regular expressions doing what I wanted them to do, but in retrospect the PHP way makes more sense than the Perl way. Or […]

  • On Tivo and Advertising…

    There’s an article up at BusinessWeek about how Tivo is now tracking (in an aggregate, non-personally identifiable way) what commercials people watch, and the results are pretty disheartening for advertisers. Tivo allows you to fast forward through commercials or skip 30 seconds into the future at the touch of a button. And guess what: people […]

  • Tivo Deal

    If you want to get a 40 hour Tivo for $200 (you save $50) and get free shipping send yourself a postcard from Tivo is one of those cold, dead hands things — as in “you can have it when you pry it from.” I make mock-astonished remarks about how people stay up late […]

  • SEMiSLUG Meeting

    The SEMiSLUG meeting tonight should be really good for anyone in Ann Arbor doing stuff with the web. They got Lou Rosenfeld to speak about information architecture for the world wide web, which is good because he literally wrote the book on the subject. These meetings are largely inhabited by Unix sysadmins, but tonight’s is […]

  • Email to LJ gateway w/ attachments?

    I just got a camera for my cellphone and want to be able to email pictures to myself, which in turn will get posted to livejournal with some optional text. Does anyone know of a script that I can pipe an email through (via procmail) that will extract attached files, save them to a directory, […]