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  • HTTP Snob [Updated]

    called me an HTTP snob for saying I’d do this, but I don’t think it’s so bad. Duane recently started publishing his own RSS feed at so that I don’t have to. In response, I used .htaccess to redirect my URI to his with a 301 status code. A 301 status code is a […]

  • Show Some Love!

    I just found out that today is System Administrator Appreciation Day! Show some love for the people who keep your computer working and your Internet connection running just so you can read LiveJournal all day. They are the unsung heros of your life, keeping your email running and your mp3s flowing. Besides, if you don’t […]

  • Traffic on the 8’s

    With ‘s new job, she’ll need to know about local traffic conditions before she heads out. Luckily, I found a page with constantly updated traffic info and set up a cron job to send it to her hiptop. If I were smart I’d write a script to check her schedule from the hiptop and email […]

  • Stupid People

    OK, so stupid people on the Internet have started worming their way back into my sphere of consciousness again. I spend a lot of time keeping these people away from me, between SpamAssassin to keep the junk mail out to Snopes to point to when I Reply All to the forwarded hoax a soon-to-be-alienated friend […]

  • Shrook

    If you don’t know, I am a huge fan of reading RSS feeds. They let me know when all the sites I’m watching are updated (which can be very important), without me having to go through all the sites individually. I can know when friends post new news without having to visit their site every […]

  • Upgrade your Gray Matter

    The Door Is Open (via freeform goodness) Safari is good. Opera is good. Mozilla is good. People who go there, don’t go back. […] I think that if we are so foolish as to sit here for the next three to five years waiting for the Longhorn Browsing Experience, we’ll really regret it; but we’ll […]

  • PVRblog

    I just found the PVRblog, sort of a catchall weblog for news about Tivo, ReplayTV and other PVRs. It’s got some useful tips, like “How to setup a new TiVo without a phone” and “How much space do I need in a new TiVo?.” I added it to my NetNewsWire; it’s only been running since […]

  • Mobile Number Portability

    Portability: Survival Tips for Cell-Phone Outfits (via ) A recent survey by Management Network Group, a communications research firm, revealed that 6% of cell-phone users — some 8.7 million people — would switch carriers within a day if they could take their phone numbers with them. Some 27%, or 39 million customers, said they would […]

  • Hate RegExes?

    ^txt2regex$ walks you through building a regular expression using plain English (or Japanese) and then shows you how to use that regex in some popular languages. Below is my test of making a phone number regex that would match 313-555-1234: [.]quit [0]reset [*]color ^txt2regex$ [|]or [(]open group !! not supported RegEx perl : [0-9]{3}-[0-9]{3}-[0-9]{4} RegEx […]

  • GeoURL werks with free LJ accounts

    Instructions for Livejournal users