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  • Does the Right of First Sale Still Exist?

    I just posted an eBay auction for a song I bought from the iTunes music store. It should be interesting to see how this works out. I only spent $0.99 on it but I bought the song just as legally as I would a CD, so I should be able to sell it used just […]

  • Software Bill of Rights

    Cem Kaner has written an excellent manifesto outlining a software bill of rights. I can’t get over how good an idea this is, and I’m surprised I haven’t seen anything like this before. I don’t know that I would want this legislated (we have plenty of laws on the books as it is, thank you […]

  • Microsoft Hates You

    Microsoft is stopping development of Outlook Express. (via Blogdex although /. has the story too). This comes on the heels of Microsoft quietly announcing that there won’t be any upgrades to IE for the current generation of Windows. I guess when you can’t buy new features (like it did with Internet Explorer) innovation dies. Seriously, […]

  • You got your PHP in my Mozilla

    There’s a new project working on integrating PHP with Mozilla, creatively named MozPHP. This could result in some cool things, not the least of which is a faster development cycle for PHP apps. phpPatterns speculates that you’ll be able to control XUL apps with PHP, and the idea of distributing a PHP app on a […]

  • Craigslist RSS

    Someone wrote a screen-scraper for Craigslist that turns any page into an RSS feed. Example: (Via lockergnome, which has a very nice RSS weblog)

  • Tivo Home Media Option First Impressions

    I just started my free trial of Tivo’s Home Media Option (HMO) and thought I would share my thoughts. I signed up for the trial via my Tivo, and then some time between Monday night and Wednesday afternoon the “Music & Photos” menu item appeared in the main menu. Because I had been getting my […]

  • 802.11bot

    The Shmoo Group (inventors of lots of fun stuff, including AirSnort) were running around Def Con with a motorized WiFi sniffer. (via O’reilly) The bot (or “autonomous hacker droid”) runs around under its own power looking for insecure 802.11b networks and sniffing passwords from them. All it’s missing is a V8 and GPS to let […]

  • Googlicious

    Google has a new feature, the ~ operator which searches for synonyms of a word. This will be hella handy when searching for topics. The example search is browser ~help returns results that have the word browser and any of the words help, tips, guide, tutorials, FAQ, etc. (via which has some more fun […]

  • Hmmmm

    This looks suspiciously like the default Moveable Type template….

  • Another RSS Feed

    I just wrote a script to grab the latest headlines from the Metro Times News Hits. The feed is at and yes, it’s I think will be creating a syndication user on LiveJournal soon, and I’ll be sure to update this when that gets done.